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 Lullaby Town is not a bad book. But it's not a particularly good book either. Nor is it memorable. What it is, is predictable and formulaic.

In its defense, the story is well written, and the last few chapters were riveting. But that's like saying that a team scored two goals late in the match, when they were down four-nil in the seventieth minute. A valiant effort late, but they still lost.

All the major characters were cookie-cutters and had little depth or definition. Hard-boiled private eye who served in VietNam? Check. His partner, former special forces? Check. Movie executive who doesn't think about anyone but himself? Check. Single mother? Check. Mafia of various types? Check.

The main plot starts with the afore-mentioned movie exec who was married, had a son, got divorced, and never gave his family a second thought until ten years later when he suddenly wants to be the boy's father? The why is never really explored. The other main plot is that his ex-wife is a new life, a new name, and is involved in a money-laundering scheme with the Mafia that she wants out of. Why did she get involved in the first place? It boiled down to "I needed the money." Again, very unsatisfying.

Lullaby Town winds up being a lackluster and disappointing novel, in large part because the story wasn't bad, but with some thought and effort, it could have been so much better.

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